About Us

Welcome to the American SkiBike Association


Our Mission is to grow the sport of SkiBiking through education;
promotion of national and international amateur SkiBike competitions and
events ( subscribe to Newsletter );
and increase rider safety, awareness, and improve access to ski areas for
and non-adaptive participants in the sport of SkiBiking.


The American SkiBike Association is organized for educational & charitable purposes as follows: 

  • Prepare and distribute SkiBike educational material to resorts, adaptive organizations, adaptive needs riders, and general public

  • Conduct SkiBike rider safety improvement clinics

  • Sanction National and International amateur SkiBike competitions and events

  • Promote and support SkiBiking through charitable activities and donations

  • Develop and update standardized teaching methodology and documentation


Information and Update Page
Becoming an official 501(c)(3) Non-profit: 

  • ASA Board re-organizes with new Board Members- Jeff Butcher (Nevada), Jim Cameron (Utah), Scott Carr (Utah), Chris Schuler (Washington) in 2018
  • Randy and Melanie Kimball (President & Vice President) retire in 2018
  • Added 3 new ASA Representatives in the past year to improve our efforts and representation across the USA. Patrick Neelan (Colorado), Leif Larson (California) and Mark Arnold (New York) in 2018
  • ASA Membership drive offering free 1st year memberships in 2017
  • Began producing a regular ASA Newsletter quarterly in Fall 2016
  • Completed 2nd ASA educational webinar online in 2016. SkiBike Platform Review and availability
  • Provided Demo insurance for the ASA organization in Fall 2015
  • Developed ASA educational webinars online. Ask an expert with Don Koski aired in 2015
  • Received 501(c)(3) Non-profit status on November 20, 2013
  • Joined the National Ski Area Association (NSAA) in September 2012
  • Over 25 new resorts opened since we formed. And the list keeps growing
  • Supporter of the Hartford Ski Spectacular with PSIA supported SkiBike clinics. Lots of wounded warriors on SkiBikes!! Some Board Members have personally supported the event since 2007
  • Melanie and Randy Kimball took over in May 2012
  • Greg Linder took over in September 2009  
  • The first Skibike Festival took place  March 1 & 2, 2003 at Purgatory
  • Rod Ratzlaff founded the original ASA in November 2001. He runs SkiBike World now