SkiBiking The Next Revolution in Winter Sports

A word from our Chairman

The sudden end to the resort season has wiped out the remaining events on the ASA Calendar. Thanks for all the work leading up to the mid-March resort closures. Many of these cancelled spring events will certainly roll into next year’s schedule. We are already counting the days to the 20/21 Season!

Our best wishes to all our members and their families to remain safe and healthy as we ride out a season we won’t soon forget.

Our Committees are looking for input on Education, Resort Outreach, and Fundraising/Membership. Reach out if you are interested in helping us this summer at info@americanskibike.com

What Types of SkiBikes are Available?

Type I - Classic

Type III - Trike or 3-Ski

Type II - Freestyle


The original look and design from the European originators of the sport. Also known in the 60's and 70's as a Skibob, this type of SkiBike has a low center of gravity and is designed to be ridden sitting down. It is generally used with footskis for additional balance & edging. 

Type II - Freestyle

Type III - Trike or 3-Ski

Type II - Freestyle


Freestyle SkiBikes are a newer style that has emerged from the North American market that resemble Mountain Bikes. They are most often ridden without footskis, with a downhill Mountain Bike inspired riding technique. Like Mountain Bikes, Freestyle bikes can be ridden either standing up or sitting down and have footpegs or foot rests. Many models have fully adjustable front and rear suspensions. 

Type III - Trike or 3-Ski

Type III - Trike or 3-Ski

Type III - Trike or 3-Ski


3-Ski SkiBikes are a trike design that have recently emerged in popularity. They use three skis in their design. One ski is forward connected to the steering handlebars while the rider stands on the rear two skis. They are ridden standing up and usually have front suspension. 

Latest News!!

Last Updated 05/23/20

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ASA Newsletter - Spring 2020


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New SkiBike Friendly Areas

Mount Snow Resort, Vermont

Whistler Blackcomb, Canada

Restrictions: Gondola Transport only. Leash required. No homemade Skibikes.

New Offsite Rentals

California area - Demo Worx

Colorado area - Colorado SkiBikes

Winter Park, Colorado - Clear Creek SkiBikes

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