Board Members

Jim Cameron



Owner/Operator Utah Ski Bike

Chris Schuler


Vice Chair 

Owner/Manufacturer of SkiByk SkiBikes 

Don Koski


 Owner/Manufacturer Koski SnowSports 

Jeff Butcher


ASA Database Mgr, Website Mgr and Treasurer

Co-owner/Research & Development  Koski SnowSports

Devin Lenz


Owner/Manufacturer of LenzSport Skibikes  

Patrick Neelan


ASA Secretary

Leif Larson



Jim Weiland


Member Professional Ski Instructors of America

Adaptive SkiBike Instructor

Alfie Fernandez


Monte Hand


Wayne Peterson


Ronald Dailey


Sherry Rawls-Bryce


Cody Loveland


International Associates

Gregor Schuster


International Associate Board Member 

Owner/Manufacturer of Sledgehammer SkiBikes, Austria

Jason Buckley


International Associate Board Member

Co-founder/Inventor 3Ski Snow Bikes, New Zealand

Jim Cameron


ASA Chairman

Owner/Operator Utah Ski Bikes 

Jim Cameron  has been in the Snowsports business for over 30 years. He brings to the ASA his  experience working with ski resorts, winter sports retailers and consumers. He  has been working in product and sales management guiding brands such as Fischer  & Head Skis, Tyrolia Bindings, and Toko Wax. Jim  was introduced to SkiBiking in high school in the Midwest, but became passionate  about the sport’s potential several years ago. He operates a skibike rental  operation called Ski Bike USA out of Park City, Utah while his primary job is  the Import / Export Manager for Wintersteiger North America.

Since joining  the ASA Board Jim has been involved organizing events and helping draft new  guidelines and recommendations to help ski areas accept our programs at their  resorts. “Ski Biking is a game changer at ski resorts for us Baby Boomers.   Exciting times are ahead as this sport grows and the secret gets out to anybody  who enjoys a mountain lifestyle. I remember when their was another colorful  debate with this other crazy new sport...snowboarding." 

Don Koski


ASA Board Member

Owner/Manufacturer of Koski SnowSports

I saw my first Skibob in 1961 on the slopes of Mt. Rose Ski Resort in Nevada at the tender age of 6. Little did I know how much this would later influence my involvement in the development of three cutting edge sports industries; Skibikes, BMX, and Mountain Bikes. In 1970 my family, during the height of the gasoline shortage, decided to open a bicycle shop because bicycle sales were going through the roof.  I took extra machine shop classes at Tamalpais High School and by the time we opened the bike shop I was a proficient fabricator. The Cove Bike Shop came to be known as the first mountain bike shop in the world.  We gained worldwide attention as the technical and innovative leaders in the mountain bike industry. From Japan, industry leaders, Shimano and Suntour, came to our shop for insight and advice.  Popular Science vol#247 October of 2000

I saw a Brenter skibob from Austria at Homewood Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe, California later that year and decided to fabricate my own. Making use of my motorcycle / Moto-X knowledge I knew it had to have suspension and foot pegs.  I quickly realized rear suspension was not enough and built six more prototypes with front and rear suspension pushing the boundaries of available technology. The seventh prototype used a Montesa MX fork leg with a linkage system I designed and the back was a Fox Shox cutting edge motorcycle rear long travel air shock. Giving incredible performance, this bike proved to be the future of modern day skibiking. My first production run of Skibikes was in 1998 ( 50 skibikes ).  Rigorous ongoing research and development and business partnership with Jeff Butcher led to the production of the current FM series ( FM-1, FM-2, FM-3 ) pictured above. In 2001, Koski SnowSports had the first and only USA factory team at the Durango Skibike Festival. Koski team riders wowed the industry with their dynamic style of riding. These riders pushed the limits for all others to see.   

Before mountain bikes were called mountain bikes, in 1976 we went into business with Harley Davidson racer and “On Any Sunday” star Mert Lawwill to develop and market the Pro-Cruiser, (the first) large production run (600+ units) of a special built off road cruiser. We needed a purpose built fork for our new frame so I designed one and sent the blueprints to Gary and Craig Cook ( Cook Bros. Racing ) a BMX manufacturer in Los Angeles to build the fork to my specs. This collaboration with the Cook Bros. opened the door for other BMX manufacturers in Los Angeles that we dealt with to develop their own line of cruisers (SE Racing, Mongoose, Laguna, West Coast Cycle).


Innovations I brought to the mountain bike industry;

1) Aluminum rims

2) Aluminum handlebars

3) Aluminum brake levers

4) First custom built frame with a large production

5) First custom built fork 

Innovations I developed for the Skibike industry;

1) Long travel front and rear suspension

2) Foot pegs

3) Moto-X seats

4) Aluminum frames

5) Aluminum components

6) Moto-X style riding technique 

Jeff Butcher


ASA Board Member

ASA Database Mgr, Website Mgr and Treasurer

Co-owner/Research & Development of Koski SnowSports

I ran across Skibikes at Homewood Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe in 1971. I rented one, had the time of my life and never looked back!  What a rush!  It's so much fun!  I had found my new Passion!

Homewood in Tahoe rented Brenter Snowbikes.  The bikes were black and silver, no shocks, plastic boot skis with steel claws in the back of the skis to help slow you down.  A few years later Homewood decided to sell off their fleet of Brenter Snowbikes.  I ended up buying 2 for around $200. Skibiking really hadn't taken off yet.  It was rare I ran across other skibikers. 

Years later Homewood decided not to allow the bikes there anymore.  I was crushed!  No place in California would allow me to ride.  I had to revert to getting a lift from a friend on a snowmobile to get me up the mountain or just take short 100 yard rides near the cabin in Tahoe.

It was around 1997, Sierra-at-Tahoe had advertised on RSN network they rented Vertex Skibikes and allowed people to bring their own.  YES!  I was so excited!  I called Sierra-at-Tahoe and they got me in touch with Don Koski of Koski SnowSports.  I met Don that year at Boreal where I was first introduced to the Koski Montrac Skibike.  Turns out back in 1971 Don Koski rode at Homewood Ski Resort during the weekdays and I rode during the weekends, so we never crossed paths.  Don and I became friends and have shared the same passion for the sport ever since. The Koski Monotrac had amazing suspension and rides like a dream.  A very comfortable ride.  I have been riding a Koski Skibike ever since.


It seems there are two groups of riders.  Riders who wear foot skis and riders who use only foot pegs.  I ride using Sleddog boots (a ski boot with a built-in ski on the bottom) from Norway that the Boreal Mountain Manager turned me on to the year I met Don Koski.  The marriage of Sleddog boots and a Koski Skibike was perfect for me!  It's the way I ride.  You can always put on some footskis and carve it up or do powder. Or just ride the pegs and get some air, powder or speed.  It's a very versatile skibike.   

I ride as often as possible and I am dedicated to promoting the sport of skibikes anyway I can.  I’ve attended a few Skibike Festivals at Purgatory in Colorado and HooDoo Mountain in Oregon taking home a few medals and trophies and making a lot of friends. I’m very happy that most ski resorts here in California allow Skibikers.  The sport of Skibiking is getting more and more popular every year! 

I would love to see Skibikes at the Winter X Games.  It would be awesome to watch a skibike cross!  I know the spectators would think so too!  I sometimes ride with Don Koski’s crew of younger more fearless aerial crazies. Koski’s bikes are designed for the Moto style riders.  These guys do superman's, etc… They are awesome to watch!  I prefer groomed runs, sloping hills, half pipes, trails, and some terrain parks.

Skibiking is an awesome sport! Trust me, you'll love it!  If you like biking, motocross, Harley's or any style of bike riding you will love this!  The feeling is one you have to experience for yourself.  Try it!  You’ll like it! I mostly ride at Sierra-at-Tahoe in California.

Looking sooooo forward to this season of Skibiking!

Have a Great Ride.

Old personal website with various links you might find interesting

Devin Lenz


ASA Board Member

Owner/Manufacturer of LenzSport Skibikes

My first real interest into bikes was in the early 70s when I took my broken down banana seat 20" bike and striped it down and built it into a MX style bike.  Then converted it into a BMX style bike that later got stolen.  At that point I built another bike and rode, and BMX raced up until high school.  During high school I became interested in shop class and the art of designing and building cool things to ride or drive and I took metals classes and vocational welding classes all through high school.   

Once out of high school I began to acquire tools and machinery to fabricate with metals and got into drag racing with my dad and built several drag race cars and raced for about 10 years.  At the same time I got into ski racing and moved up to qualify for my first FIS race which I didn't get to race because I blew out my knee before the race and wound up quitting after 4 years of racing.

I built my first MTB frame in 1989, and then my first full suspension bike in 1996.  In 1997, I began selling my first full suspension XC mountain bikes under the name Lenz Sport.  From then I moved toward long travel DH style bikes and sponsored a race team and traveled to many of the national NORBA races promoting my brand. 

In 2004, I changed my focus from the gravity-type bikes and 26" XC bikes and made my first full suspension 29er bike The Leviathan.  That was an untapped niche area which I was able to develop many sorts of the new big wheel format bikes and lead the way in designs and technology for 29" mountain bikes. In 2004, Matt Hansen contacted me about one of my DH bike models being a good design to work with his skibike conversion kits.  He got me interested in skibikes and I traded him an old frame for 2 kits.  I built up 2 bikes with my Alpine Brawler mountain bike frames I had hanging around.  I took my apprentice at the time, Masa Hiromoto from Japan, to Copper Mountain and there we tried to skibike for the very first time.  Not having anyone to show us how to ride we made our way down the hill any which way we could to keep in control though there was almost constantly thrills and being scared to death as we didn't have the knowledge we have today about bike control, skidding turns, and making hockey stops.  From that first day I was hooked on skibiking and wanted to push it to the level of riding and terrain that I was accustom to with ordinary skiing.  Matt assured me over the phone in our many calls about skibiking that he knew guys that were riding all the bumps and steep stuff that alpine skiers were hitting, so I went out to try and master that stuff myself.  So first chance I had to try a steeper run with deep powder I learned that there were some limitations to the conversion kits related to how much control they had to the pivoting of the skis and also ski design for powder.  It was at that point that I worked on a system to control the ski pivoting so I could have the control I needed to skibike the more advanced terrain.  A few years later I was running out of my mountain bike frames to make into skibikes so I built my first prototype skibike.  That was not a good design at all and I took what I learned and built the Brawler Skibike which was revolutionary to performance skibike designs and riding.  Looking to make a bike that wasn't so difficult to make, I designed the Launch which is more like a bicycle-style bike without the moto seat.  I wasn't expecting it to be as good of a handling bike as the Brawler, but it turned out to be a better handling bike and quicker handling bike as well.  

After about 4 years of developing and tooling up for our own ski manufacturing, spring of 2012 we were able to test some of the first skis we made.  Ever since we started into skibiking we have relied on what the ski/board industry was making to run on our skibikes.  We could not find a ski with the proper shape or size to work just the way we needed, though testing dozens and dozens of skis I had a very good idea of what we needed to make these skibikes be able to go to the next level.  Our first skis pressed are just a basic all-mountain with the main aspects I wanted designed in and you can ask anyone who has ridden them they are hugely an improvement to the sport.  We'll be making speed specific skis and all sorts of powder boards as well to test and sell this year to finally round out all the main aspects to make our product as good as it can be and ready for prime time.

Another link to what I have been able to contribute the development of our sport of skibiking along with the manufacturing capabilities in the MTB industry is my background as a skier.  I have been a ski racer and in 2002, I hired on as a part-time instructor at Vail Ski Resort.  I had the opportunity to go through their training program and learn the methods of one of the premier ski school programs in the world. That along with certifying as a ski instructor through PSIA enabled me to develop a teaching method using the same principals for snow sliding and controlling speed and teaching bike handling skills.  I have now been working with Winter Park Resort to develop their skibike instruction program and instructing clients and instructors since 2007.

Now as a director of the ASA, I will be working to advance our sport in the area of teaching / training programs, race and event organizing, and resort rental program growth and education about skibikes. 

Chris Schuler


ASA Board Member

Owner/Manufacturer of Skibyk SkiBikes

As a long-time winter sports enthusiast Chris Schuler has a keen understanding of snow sports equipment developed through years of Skiing, Snowboarding and SkiBiking. Skiing since he was 12 and Snowboarding since  1984, Chris has ridden through the changes that both industries have seen. Chris started his winter career as an 18 year old kid fresh out of Hawaii…moving to a Ski Area in Washington State. He worked his way up to management, eventually opened the first Snowboarding  only Rental Shop in 1987. 

Working closely with his local Ski Area, Snowboard Shops and Manufacturers, Chris helped to develop the Northwest Snowboarding Series, which produced many of the world’s top snowboarding riders through the early ‘90’s.  As an active Hardbooter in the world of Snowboarding Chris was focused on snowboards that could truly carve and continues to ride hardboots today. In 2009 Chris was introduced to a SkiBob at Steamboat, Colorado…this experience led him to purchase his first  SkiBike in the spring of 2010 a Geary SkiBike. Over the next 5 winters Chris rode his Geary, making changes to the SkiBike that would help make this bike become more of a carver.  In the fall of 2016, Chris was introduced to a newly designed SkiBike and his  eventual business partner at SKIBYK USA Alfie Fernandez. As the CEO of SKIBYK, LLC Chris’s understanding of turn dynamics and his focus on building a SkiByk from the snow up and not the frame down combined with Alfie’s knowledge of frame geometry and design  capabilities culminated in the SB100 All-Mountain SkiByk, through prototyping, on the hill testing and constant feedback we at SkiByk are confident that we have produced a SkiBike for the masses. The SB100 is lightweight, yet durable…nimble, yet solid underfoot…rippy,  yet carves like a Ginzu knife…the perfect ride. The SB100 All-Mountain. 

I am very excited to be on the board of the American Ski Bike Association and look forward to working with a group of fellow devotees to help promote awareness and acceptance of SkiBiking.

Patrick Neelan


ASA Board Member

Patrick has been  SkiBiking since 2006. He is currently promoting SkiBikes along the west coast,  when he is not working as a Senior Manager for Capital Program Management, a  company modernizing California Schools.  He has been involved with the ASA  helping with our resort outreach and public relations with ski resorts  nationwide.  He is involved with furthering our adaptive program efforts.

He has the  distinction of being trained by the International Skibob academy as an  Instructor.  He has National and International experience in Slalom, Giant  Slalom, and Super G.  Patrick was honored to be a competitor in Austria’s Skibob  World Cup representing the USA and is hoping to help the ASA revive our racing  program here in the states.  

Leif Larson


ASA Board Member

Leif Larson has been in the snowboarding industry for 30 years from semi pro snowboarder, to grooming and helping to build the terrain park for Mt. Bachelor in the late 90's early 2000's. His passion for gravity and frozen liquid have brought him enthusiastically to skibiking. After his first experience riding an early model skibike at Sierra ski resort nearly 17 years ago it never left his mind, and the seed was planted. In 2018 after the purchase of a Skibyk, he joined the ASA and shortly after, became one of our Western regional reps, helping to grow the industry and gain access to more resorts. In the summer months he fights fire as a wildland fire engine captain and outdoor wilderness school instructor for boys, focusing on mindfulness, leadership and self empowerment on the Lost Coast of California.  

Jim Weiland


ASA Representative

Adaptive Representative American SkiBike Association

Member Professional Ski Instructors of America

Adaptive SkiBike Instructor

Jim Weiland is a below the knee amputee. As a volunteer adaptive SkiBike instructor, Jim has assisted at various ski school adaptive programs throughout Arizona.  

Jim has led instructional SkiBike clinics for adaptive ski instructors at:

Arizona Snow Bowl in Flagstaff, AZ

Sunrise Ski Park in Greer, AZ

Arizona Disabled Sports Foundation- Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center

Alifie Fernandez


ASA Representative

Co-owner of  Skibyk SkiBikes 

Riding a bicycle, dirt bike and cars has been a passion for Alfie Fernandez  since he was a kid. He has ridden everything with wheels from BMX to Mountain  Bikes . When Alfie is not out SkiByking in the winter or Mountain Biking in the  summer you will find him in his garage wrenching on his cars and bikes.  

His  passion for all things that go downhill, and building and working on cool stuff  made his venture into the world of SkiBikes a natural opportunity.

Monte Hand


ASA Representative

 Monte Hand has spent most of his life behind bars, in some form or another. He started racing BMX bikes at age 9 and continued on with that passion until he was old enough to legally drive a car. He also started riding dirt bikes at this point. Continuing on with his love of bikes and competition, he started racing mountain bikes at age 30, as well as dabbling in the triathlon races. In his 40’s, he started riding and racing motocross with the Sierra Old Timers and Over-The-Hill-Gang veteran racing clubs.

Monte’s passion for snowboarding started in 1985, when Boreal ski resort was requiring riders to get certified in order to use their lifts and ride their mountain. In 1991, he placed 6th in the California State Snowboard Series and went on to compete in the amateur nationals at the Timberline ski resort. In 1992, he spent a season as a snowboard instructor at Boreal ski resort. He even drew up plans for a full-suspension ski bike “snow scooter” in 1996.

As with many other “aging” weekend warriors, Monte had to seek out a new winter sport that was easier on the body, but yet keep him on the mountain. After hounding  Jeff Butcher for demo ride for a couple of seasons, he finally got a chance to demo a ski bike during the 2017/2018 season and the rest is history. He has collaborated with friends on the design and fabrication of accessories for ski bikes. Monte works as a systems analyst with the State of California supporting an integrated financial management system. 

Wayne Peterson


ASA Representative

I have been an adventure sports enthusiast since childhood, beginning with  bicycles, then evolving to motorbikes, dirt bikes, Harleys, drag racers,  mountain bikes, white water river guide, and then skiing. Many of these I worked  on or built myself, including dragsters and white water cataraft frames.

Due to a traumatic injury to my knee during the service and a foot  fracture later skiing became more difficult with my painful knee and challenging  to fit ski boots. My career as a welder/fabricator, and my engineering mindset  brought me to be interested in building my own ski bike just for the fun of  it. 

I also built another custom ski bike for my wife who is currently  learning the sport and loving it too. I have a strong  enthusiasm for promoting the sport and hope to see it in the Olympics one  day.

I’m happy to partake as a Southwest ski bike  representative!

Ronald Dailey


ASA Representative

A little about me, I grew up in Colorado and started riding bikes when I was  very young. I also was riding motorcycles at a young age. I took up mountain  biking in the early 90's and raced at a few national cross country races. I was  part of a team that raced the 24 hours of Moab for 8 years straight.

I rode my  first ski bike in 2006 which was a conversion kit with really skinny ski's. I  rode a few times a year until I got my first ski bike in 2012. I have been  hooked on this sport ever since. I like riding steeps, trees and moguls the most  with an occasional jump or drop. I enjoy taking new people up on the ski bike  and teaching them about this great sport and how to ride.

Sherry Rawls-Bryce


ASA Representative


I grew up in the coastal plains of North Carolina and did not learn to ski until adulthood, and though I loved being on the slopes, I was always awkward and slow on downhill skis. 

A knee injury in college, and subsequent surgeries, also presented issues with pain and limited mobility. One fine sunny day in 2013 at Purgatory Resort in Durango, Colorado I noticed these cheerful yellow “banana-bike-looking” skibikes. I immediately thought…”I think I can do that!” and signed up for a lesson.

It was that day that I discovered the great joy and delight of skibiking. I found the sport easy to learn and gentle on my injured knee. My troublesome knee led me to a total knee replacement in the summer of 2016 and I was happy to be skibiking that very next season. The sport also allows me to keep up with my husband and son who are excellent skiers/snowboarders. 

Although I ride a basic skibike, and I don’t (intentionally) get fancy with jumps and other air born maneuvers, I am in love with the sport! As all skibikers know, we are frequently asked about our bikes. I’m an enthusiastic advocate for skibiking and eagerly share my knowledge of the sport and encourage the curious to try it. I also enjoy teaching and hope to be a skibike instructor one day. 

I’m delighted to serve as an ASA skibike representative. If you see a middle-aged woman coming down the mountain loudly laughing, and hooting and hollering…That would be me! Please stop and say hi.

Cody Loveland


ASA Representative

I grew up on mountain bikes.  If I wasn't fishing, I was on the mountain  bike for fun, or on the way to the fishing hole.  Eventually this turned to a  racing passion, combined with a profession (if you count a 14 year old a  professional).  I worked at various local bike shops throughout middle and high  school, usually handing the paychecks back in exchange for the latest and  greatest parts.  My pre teen years were spent racing mountain bikes, in the  cross country classes.  I took home a win at Ice Man in 1997, and a podium the  filling year.  I also Ski raced throughout high school, doing well, placing at  the regional level.  At 16, my world changed...I gravitated toward cars.  

Since 2003, barely out of high school, it's been full focus on high  performance racing cars.  I've successfully built and driven several cars  specific to Pikes Peak over the last decade.  The skill set learned over the last  2 decades has been interesting.  

In 2018, I stumbled on a YouTube video showing Skibiking, and I HAD to try  it!  So I built an adapter kit for my LaPierre DH bike and flogged it throughout  the 2019 season.  These floggings included the Hoodoo Skibike Festival, where I  nearly podiumed in both disciplines.  The riding was great, the people, even  better!

I decided in the spring that I wanted to build my interpretation as the  "ultimate skibike".  Work began in the summer months and by snowfall, we had the  first Loveland Bikes prototype ready.  A Type 2, Titanium framed, 200mm front  and 315mm rear travel, adorned with top end carbon components, the bike weighed  in at just 24lbs 3oz.  

The other exciting news was that the Boyne resorts would be allowing  Skibiking for the 19/20 season!   We showed up opening day, and were waved off  of the mountain after three runs.  Not to be discouraged, I quickly got to work  and offered the managers any assistance I could, to promote the sport and ease  their shift to allow the sport.  Within days, I was invited back and was  training their instructors on my prototypes (I then had two completed) , as well  as a Skibyk SB100. 

This sport has me for life, and I'm thrilled to represent the Skibiking  community! 

International Associates

Gregor Schuster



Owner/Manufacturer of Sledgehammer SkiBikes, Austria

MGR European SkiBike Association, Austria

I was born in Austria on February 12, 1975.  I went to school at the Federal College of Engineering. I live in Baden, Austria with a beautiful woman named Julia, and our 2 wonderful sons Niki (born 2007) and Jakob (born 2010).  Baden is close to Vienna and is just a couple mountain hikes away from the Alps.

I have been a downhill mountain biker most of my life.  How could you not be with growing up with all these mountains in my backyard? Skibiking is more close to nature than many other winter sports. Climb a mountain with friends, relax at the lodge and enjoy beautiful powder down hills. This was the motivation of the development. The idea of “Freeride” comes from the mountain bike sports which initiated the development of the Sledgehammer Skibikes.

My passion has always been mountain biking, more specific Freeriding, riding off the beaten trails in beautiful landscapes, sometimes under extreme conditions. I did not want to miss riding down my beloved mountains in the winter time, but what do you do when the snow covers your favorite trails? 

This is what drove me to convert my first skibike with a kit.  This worked more or less, but cost a lot and finally after spending a lot of time on it, I ended up with a scratched mountain bike.  But it was a lot of fun, so much fun that I took my welding gear out and made my first skibike frame myself.  The better geometry of the frame tripled the fun and the decision was made:  Everyone should be able to enjoy and afford this sport.  So the task was to manufacture a high quality skibike at a low price.  Therefore a large number of skibikes had to be produced. Customers approved and nearly 2200 Sledgehammer Skibikes have been sold since I started the company in 2006.  

Sledgehammer Skibikes plans to produce 1,500 units in 2012 and 3,000 units in 2013/14 due to the cooperation of a large bicycle manufacturer. 

I recently started a new venture and founded another company called VYRO Components, which develops and distributes bicycle components. 

Though I live in Austria, I will lend my hand and knowledge to the American SkiBike Association as a valued boardmember to help grow the sport of SkiBiking. 

Jason Buckley


Co-founder/Inventor 3ski Snow Bikes, New Zealand

Hi my name is Jason Buckley ‘Kiwi’ & co-founder/inventor of ‘3ski Snow Bikes. I live with my family in the small township of Lake Wanaka in the Southern Lakes region of New Zealand which is in my view about as close to paradise as you can get before you reach Antarctica. Professionally I have a background in equipment design, management and compliance for large multinational corporations. I hope to bring both a combination of sound business sense and common sense rational as well as an international perspective to the issues and challenges our sport faces in the modern snow sports world.

Being a skier for almost all of those 40 years and avidly passionate about the snow sports industry I believe we all have a responsibility to do our own little bit to attract new people to snow sports and also to retain people in snow sports for longer. It is true that not everyone can ski or snow board forever and I am living proof of that fact, for this reason I believe there is a place for a truly accessible, easy to learn, low fatigue and super fun alternate snow sport. Snow/Ski Biking in its many forms fulfills that niche as well as bringing a 21stCentry niche to snow sports. 

I have been fortunate to have traveled extensively gaining a good understanding of various alternate snow sports products and best practice initiatives from around the world, using these learning’s I have developed industry products such as ‘Snow Bike Experience’ which is an all-inclusive platform for delivery of ski/snow bike type products for resorts. I am pleased to be part of the American Ski Bike Association as I firmly believe together we can grow our sport far greater than the total sum of our individual efforts. 

3ski Snow Bikes Company History

3ski snow bikes came about after a spring day skiing in 2004 when co-founder Roeland Simons and myself observed a keen ski biker on a homemade conversion MTB struggling his way down the High Noon T-bar at Turoa ski field in the North Island of New Zealand. Both Roeland and myself being avid skiers and mountain bikers looked at each other and said why don’t snow bikes work better ?, they should do as both of the fundamental components (skis and MTB’s) have in their own evolutionary processes and become infinitely better. Surely there must be an issue to be solved here otherwise why would a combination of skis, snow and bikes not be popular?

The challenge of building a snow bike that worked better became the afterhours focus from that point, it was decided to start with a blank sheet of paper ignoring everything we knew about traditional ski bikes and set to designing something new from the snow up. This approach is really the reason we have a standing 3-ski platform which is totally different to almost anything else prior which are almost all a seated 2-ski version. There is good reason for this as we needed to provide a stable yet pivotal carving platform believing these to be the missing elements in traditional designs.

Thus commenced a six year plus development phase involving some fifty prototypes and the bringing on board of fabrication and MTB experts to help us engineer the ideas into workable solutions. Little did we know at the time that the final design would involve more than six primary aspects with each one taking over a year to develop. As an example the rear skis need to move in eight different directions whilst maintaining a certain amount of personality (individual movement) and all of this needs to be achieved irrespective of the pitch (or dive) of the frame. To complicate the issue further the normal 3-ski track needs to reduce to a 2-ski track for the optimum carved turn effect. 

Getting 3ski to work well going downhill was just half the challenge; we also needed to develop a design which worked seamlessly with various common ski lifts and also with traditional users on these. This in itself was a two year project with the final solution being developed with input from resort operations experts. The net result being a snow bike design which compliments every activity at the modern ski resort, is user friendly as well as not being overwhelming in appearance or size. 

The exciting thing for 3ski Snow Bikes is that not only did we manage to put a tick in all the boxes throughout the development process but we also in the most part exceeded stakeholder expectations along the way; true testament to Kiwi ingenuity, gut determination and belief that the easiest or most immediate solutions to the engineering problems were not always the best solutions. 

3ski Snow Bikes are in reality only in the very beginning of where they may end up, while we have completed a huge job in getting 3ski this far we are really only in the penny farthing stages when compared to modern bicycles, what truly excites us is seeing what the future holds for 3ski and the snow bikes that are yet to arrive.