LT (Ret) Kevin P. Justice




So if I was talking to  a disabled person such as myself, I would think of a couple of things, well a  few things. How is my balance. How is my vision and how is my body  capability. 

So to answer those.  Here it is…

-Balance. Well that  depends on a lot. Do you have problems walking or moving around things? If so  what other factors cause problems. Vision (which is me big time I can't track  things well… TBI Traumatic Brain Injury)  or do you have limbs missing, a  problem with skiing. .. 

Well I guess I just  addressed all of those but cut me some slack I have a TBI…. hahaha 

So what you should be  thinking in my opinion is 3 different things.

- Can you ski standing  up?

-Do you require  assistance with sitting down equipment?

-Or do you fit in the  middle, like me? I don't have any missing limbs but have been around many that  have and understand the issues. But I can't stand up straight due to eyeball  problems and general balance issues. But when I find out that I can work on  things like this with my butt sitting down on something it helps the  environment. 

So when I am on a ski  bike for me it is like being back as a kid. Simple, easy and comfortable. I get  it. But I don't have the physical issues or the balance issues when on my butt.  So I get it. It makes a difference. 

One thing I noticed is  that when I was learning to ski bike, and by the way that was with some  wonderful people helping wounded warriors, Jeff Butcher with Koski Snowsports,  he worked with me with some of the best equipment you can have for such an  environment. And they don't pay me for this I am just thankful for the expertise  and awesome skibikes. Made all the difference. But they helped me figure out the  workings of the bikes and how to ride them. 

If they can do that  for me, a 22 year veteran of the navy with a brain injury I can't imagine what  they do for others. 

Well I am happy to say  that I had a wonderful time ski biking and I am hooked!!!! Don't wanna do the  confined singe sled or the on my feet thing. Not good at either. The ski bike is  the way to go for me, hands down.

So if I was talking to  anyone….

Now this is me, can't  say it will work for everyone, but it is such a joy being able to do activities  again thanks to Jeff, but really it is a thing that just about anyone can do  since most have been on a bike and in the snow it is 100x better!!!!!!! Like so  much fun!!!!!!!

If you have any  questions, ask me and I will do the best I can to respond. 

LT (Ret) Kevin P.  Justice